Whatever your requirements, I offer a free thirty minute Skype, Zoom or phone consultation as a no obligation, one-off appointment. Click here and fill out the form to arrange your free consultation or to book a session.

Practice visits and Skype or phone consultations 1 hour £70
1 hour 30 minutes £100
Home or office visits* 1 hour £80
1 hour 30 minutes £110
EFT, NLP, and Coaching booster sessions** 30 minutes £35

*Rates refer to private yoga, yoga for specific health issues, yoga nidra, pilates, and meditation sessions. Rates are applicable to London zones 1-2. Venues situated outside zones 1-2 might incur additional transport charges.

**Skype or phone sessions only.

PLEASE NOTE: The above yoga for speficic health issues fees only apply to one-to-one sessions; sessions with two or three clients experiencing similar health concerns will have to be quoted separately. All group sessions, with the only exception of yoga therapy, have a maximum of six people; venue and equipment will be arranged by the client accordingly.

Fees are valid from January 2020 and are subject to change without prior notice. Payment for single consultations will be required in full when the appointment is booked. For block bookings made in advance, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required when a consultation is booked, with full payment to be received at least one week prior to the first consultation. A 48 hour cancellation notice is required. In case of cancellation in the 48 hours preceding the appointment, transferring the appointment date and retaining the deposit is possible but not guaranteed. In the event of The BodyMind Factory cancelling a consultation, you can choose to have a full refund or transfer your appointment.

Payment may be made by bank transfer (details available on demand) or through Barclays Pingit mobile banking.