Life Coaching and NLP Therapy

Coaching can be seen as a form of therapy that does not look at the past and focuses on the present to devise a strategy for the future. Based on what outcomes the client desires to achieve, I determine what coaching style to use and the direction that sessions will take. The styles I use most frequently are solution-focused, holistic, and mindfulness based. The solution-focused approach is very effective when applied to business and for those who are goal-oriented and highly motivated to change. The holistic or body-mind approach consists of looking at the client as a whole, and facilitating change towards a better quality of life. Mindfulness based coaching is about developing a higher sense of awareness and the ability to stay present, and is particularly effective in defusing anxiety and stress.

NLP started as a method for modelling excellence in order to replicate it and achieve outstanding results in oneself. In eliciting others’ strategy for excellence, we learn about how we structure our subjective experience. Our experience defines the way we construct our internal world and give it meaning, therefore different people may attach different meanings to the same event. Over the years NLP has evolved into a collection of methods and tools that find application in business, sports, therapy, training, and education. Whether I use coaching or NLP, my aim is to achieve practical and lasting results in a short period of time. At the end of therapy, clients are encouraged to take a break to practise what they learnt. Later, they can come back for one or more booster sessions and then, a new series of sessions can be scheduled to work on a different issue or objective.

The techniques I apply in coaching and NLP therapy vary depending on the client’s personality and their response during therapy. My approach is flexible and creative in combining tools that are most likely to give the best results. I am inspired by the principles of positive psychology and the study of happiness, so instead of seeing people as things to be fixed I provide ways to become happier, healthier and more fulfilled. I am a strong believer in people’s innate potential and ability to create the life they want to live. The individual has within themselves the capacity for growth, change, and development and is responsible for their own wellness; my role is to facilitate the process. My areas of expertise are personal and career change, cultural integration and identity, communication and interpersonal relationships, LGBTQ issues, low confidence and self-esteem, stress and anxiety, fears and phobias.