Vinyasa Yoga

A vinyasa yoga class is often faster paced than a classical hatha yoga class and asanas (poses) are linked together through the breath into a continuous flow. Vinyasa literally means ‘breath-synchronised’ movement, whereby much emphasis is placed on the breath and the transition in and out of the poses. This dynamic style provides cardiovascular benefits on top of increased muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

An aspect of vinyasa yoga that I particularly like, both as a teacher and a student, is the diversity it offers. Teachers are not required to follow one particular sequence, which allows for a lot of variety and exploration. Variety is an important aspect of my teaching , so you should expect a fair amount of stimulation and challenge from all my classes.

Although I enjoy immensely the dynamic and dance-like nature of vinyasa yoga, I am aware of the potential dangers of moving quickly through asanas in terms of a compromised integrity of the poses. For this reason I tend to teach classes that unite the flow of vinyasa yoga with the precision and attention to correct alignment of a classical practice.